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In The Know: Indoor Tanning Facts

SunBuddy Lotion Applicator - Indoor Tanning Facts

Indoor tanning exposes both UVA and UVB rays that damage the skin and can lead to cancer.  People who begin tanning younger than the age of 35 have a 75% higher risk of developing melanoma.  

  • Nearly 30 million people tan indoors in the US every year.  2.3 million of them are teens.
  • 32% of non-Hispanic white women aged 18-21 reported indoor tanning with an average of 28 sessions in the past year.
  • Indoor tanning is gaining popularity amoung the youth.  13% of all high school students, 21% of high school girls, 32% of 12th grade girls, and 29% of white high school girls.
  • Ultraviolet radition (UVR) is a human carcinogen.  The FDA regulates tanning beds as Class I medical devices, the designation with the least regulatory control.
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer includes ultraviolet (UV) tanning devices in its Group 1 list of the most dangerous cancer causing substances.  Group 1 also includes plutonium and cigarettes.
  • 10 minutes on a sunbed matches the cancer causing effects of 10 minutes in the Mediterranean summer sun.
  • An average of 1 million Americans use tanning salons each day.
  • 71% of tanning salon patrons are girls aged 16-29.
  • Non-Hispanic white women between the ages of 18-25 who reside ih the MidWest or the South are most likely to use indoor tanning devices.

Data courtesy of skincancer.org, cdc.gov, and melanoma.com.